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NPD Management

We are top-class when it comes to managing complex NPD projects. Our cross-functional expertises allow the coordination of the whole NPD pipeline, from early stages of product conceptualization to launch.

Recipe Prototiping

We welcome purpose-driven food startups at our NPD laboratory, where we can develop new recipes, test new concepts and create the best food prototypes fitting your vision.

Scientific Research

We established a partnership with the Food Quality & Design group of Wageningen University & Research to render our service top-notch performing a wide range of analysis to support your latest NPD projects.

Production Upscaling

Our qualified network of ingredient suppliers, co-manufacturers and partners ensure that each step of NPD, from product ideation to launch, is executed properly, on time and at reasonable costs.

We support startups and companies towards the creation of new food products impacting the future generation.

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